About Momma's Knishes
conceived and performed by David Wise
based on rememberances collected about his family

Come back to a time when

Kids played ball in the street . . . . .
Relatives lived only a few blocks away . . . . .
Parents switched languages so kids wouldn't know what they were saying . . . . .

Momma's Knishes takes you there.
You don't come to the show - the show comes to you!
It all takes place in your kitchen.

It's Brooklyn, 1938. You and your friends are helping Momma make a batch of her mouth-watering knishes. As the tantalizing aroma fills the kitchen, travel back to Momma's childhood in Europe, and the mother she hasn't seen since sailing to America 20 years ago. Hear tales of her adopted country and her struggle to learn its language. Feel her devotion to her husband, children, and siblings. Momma weaves a captivating tapestry that explores the universal themes of love and sacrifice for your family.

David Wise portrays Momma, recapturing the warmth and intimacy of an afternoon in your mother's kitchen. There's lots to deal with in Momma's household. And you'll be there to eat and kibitz with Momma while she handles it all - as only a mother can.

Momma's Knishes is an experience like none you've had before, and is great for any occasion (or no occasion at all). Enjoy a one-of-a-kind performance with your friends, right in your own home. Liven up a family gathering, and get the whole gang talking about your own family history. Momma's Knishes makes a wonderful event for your club or organization, and offers a creative way to entertain business clients and colleagues.

Anyone can host Momma's Knishes - it couldn't be easier. All you need is an oven, a table, some chairs, and up to 15 people ready to share an experience that's fun, touching, and delicious.

So invite your friends, preheat your oven, and roll up your sleeves. You're in for a treat!

For information and bookings ~ info@knish.org ~ www.knish.org